Authors Wanted

Are you looking for a publisher for your book? Are you thinking about writing a book? Is there a book that you'd like to see?

Hands-on-guide is looking for books that we can publish in the following areas:

  • Intelligent Buildings, Green Building, and other topics related to advanced building technologies, integrated building systems, energy efficiency, sustainability, etc.
  • Self-help books including books related to specific psychological or medical conditions.
  • How-to guides to technical subjects.

We are willing to help with book development including organizing, research, editing, and writing. We are also willing to work with companies and periodicals to repurpose materials and publish them in book form. We can provide personal attention during the development process and fast turn-around for new titles.

Here is what we would like you do:

  • If you are interested in writing a book or are looking for a publisher for your book, please Contact Us and include the following information: title, summary, target audience, your qualifications as author, and what makes your book timely and important.
  • If there is a book that you'd like to see, please Contact Us and explain: what the book would be about, who wants or needs this type of book, and how you think people might benefit from the book.

Thank you for your consideration.