Announcing two new Intelligent Building titles:

  • Available now! Intelligent Building Dictionary: terminology for smart, integrated, green building design, construction, and management by Building Intelligence Group, see Titles to order.
  • Coming soon Green Building Dictionary by Building Intelligence Group, Contact Us for advanced orders. Check out the online version at www.Green-Building-Dictionary.com.

See Titles for more information or Contact Us to be notified when titles are released.

Hands-on-Guide publishes practical books that help people develop new skills, help themselves, and get things done. We take pride in:

  • Effective organization and clear writing.
  • Using teaching stories and first person narrative, where appropriate.
  • Attractive book designs and clear illustrations.

We focus on the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurship, new business creation, and growing your business.
  • Intelligent buildings, advanced building systems, and integrated building systems.
  • Health, self-help, and communications skills for consumers and professionals.
  • Financial literacy and personal financial management.

Unlike other publishers, we are NOT interested in:

  • Fat spines, we are not fighting for shelf space with giant bloatware tree wasters. We believe in small focused books that people can use.
  • Fad driven fluff, we prefer books with a reasonable useful life and we are not interested in chasing the latest craze.
  • Fiction, poetry, history, etc.

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