Announcing Overcoming Guide

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Overcoming Guide is a new series from Hands-on-Guide intended to help people improve their well-being by addressing common mental health issues. Overcoming Guide titles will focus on anxiety issues because anxiety affects a large and growing segment of the population.

Our vision is to offer coordinated educational materials for:

  • People who are experiencing these conditions and looking for help.

  • Therapists providing treatment.

  • Friends and family wishing to help people they care about.

Offerings will include:

  • Books in paper, e-book, and online media.

  • Apps and downloadable forms.

  • Instructional videos and online courses.

Dr. Elizabeth McMahon will be the lead author for our anxiety materials. Dr. McMahon is a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people with anxiety issues and has over 40 years of experience. In addition to her private practice, Dr. McMahon trains therapists in anxiety treatment, including the uses of virtual reality as part of therapy. She received her MA and PhD degrees in psychology from Case Western Reserve University and her BA in Psychology from Earlham College. Her website is

Overcoming Anxiety and Panic interactive guide will be the first Overcoming Guide title. Dr. McMahon developed this guide for her clients and refined it by working with them on the forms and exercises. This book can be used as a self-help book or as a workbook while working with a therapist.

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