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Overcoming Anxiety and Panic
interactive guide


Are you anxious? Does fear of anxiety or panic attacks keep you from doing things you would like to do? You can learn to overcome your anxiety and panic quickly and without medication. Let Dr. McMahon guide you through the six-step process she has used to help hundreds of people of all ages overcome anxiety and panic, including people who had suffered from anxiety for more than twenty years.

People she has helped say:

  • “I can’t believe it! I never thought I would feel this good. I have my life back!” – Alyssa

  • “I was really skeptical at first since I’d had panic attacks for years. Now I’m free and living my life again.” - Jamie

  • “I thought it would take years to get through this program. I am amazed at how quickly my panic attacks decreased.” - Andrew

  • “My marriage is so much better. We don’t argue nearly as much because I’m able to run errands and help out again.” - Dorothy

Dr. McMahon will guide you through an interactive process to help you learn about anxiety and panic, understand your personal anxiety cycle, and change how you think about anxiety and what you do. Her explanations are simple and engaging with stories, cartoons, and pictures. She explains how to tell if you would benefit from help either from friends and family or from a therapist, and how to find a therapist.

If you think, “That’s great, but it won’t work for me”, ask yourself, “What have you got to lose by trying?” Then ask yourself, “What could you gain if you succeed?” Isn’t that worth a try?

Think of this book as a map taking you step by step along the path to a happier, freer life.

ISBN: 978-0-9796408-0-3

Part of the Overcoming Guide series from Hands-on-Guide.