Elizabeth McMahon, PhD

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Dr. McMahon is a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people overcome anxiety-related issues. She sees clients in her private practice, teaches, writes, and lectures.

She has been using virtual reality (VR) technology with clients since 2010 and is working with the National Mental Health Innovation Center to improve treatment options for anxiety. She trains therapists on anxiety treatment and the use of VR in continuing education courses organized by APA, CPA, PESI, and VR technology providers.

Dr. McMahon has been practicing for over 40 years including working for Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Fremont California and completing a post-doctoral residency at Sheppard-Pratt Psychiatric Hospital in Baltimore Maryland and a pre-doctoral fellowship at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville Virginia.

She received her MA and PhD degrees in psychology from Case Western Reserve University and her BA in Psychology from Earlham College.

Her website is www.elizabeth-mcmahon.com.

Her books include: